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A World In Which Building Performance In Disasters Is Understood.

Our Mission
The US Resiliency Council’s mission is to establish and implement meaningful rating systems that describe the performance of buildings during earthquakes and other natural hazard events,to educate the general public to understand these risks, and to thereby improve societal resilience.

The USRC's Role and Responsibility

The USRC has become the nationally respected leader in promoting Resilience Based Design through its efforts to date. We credential engineers who wish to rate buildings for their clients, and review rating evaluations for conformance to nationally accepted technical methodologies. 

The USRC’s primary activities are to:

  • Develop a national consensus about building performance by bringing together diverse stakeholders and technical experts.
  • Provide information to increase market demand for better performing buildings.
  • Promote integrity, stability, consistency and transparency of rating systems.
  • Educate and advocate for safe buildings and a better public understanding of building performance. 

 Where We are Today

Since the launch of our rating system in January, 2016 we have achieved the following successes;

  • Certified more than 70 engineers to use the USRC Rating System.
  • USRC Certified Raters are in the process of rating more than a dozen buildings.
  • The USRC Rating System is a fundamental component of the City of Los Angeles’ Resilient by Design framework.
  • Established collaborations with cities, professional organizations and companies to promote resilience based design.
  • The USRC has presented at major conferences nationwide, and participated in events such as the White House Summit on Resilient Building Codes

Where We are Going

Our goals for the coming year include:

  • Obtaining certification of additional buildings nationwide.
  • Working with the California League of Building Officials to achieve meaningful ordinances statewide that promote the use of building ratings.
  • Achieving insurance industry recognition of the USRC Rating System.
  • Collaborating with local and regional AIA and USGBC chapters to develop models that recognize the contributions of resilience to sustainability
  • Completing the development of the USRC Blast Rating.
  • Continuing work on the development of the USRC Wind and Flood Rating systems.