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Our Passion For Resilience Comes From Many Perspectives.

The USRC board of directors has been assembled from across the spectrum of building stakeholders: engineering, architecture, lending, insurance, public policy, owner, organizations and government. Each of our directors joined the USRC with a unique passion for resilience that reflects our vision to create a world in which building performance in earthquakes and other natural hazards is understood.

We are proud to report that after just a few short years of operation, the us resiliency council is now known as the leading organization for implementing and disseminating rating systems describing the performance of buildings during earthquakes and other natural hazard events.

Since our launch, with the dedicated efforts of our board and members, the USRC has been successfully fulfilling its role through the following activities:

  • Disseminating information to increase market demand for better performing buildings.
  • Developing consensus about ratings by bringing together diverse stakeholders and technical experts.
  • Promoting integrity, stability, consistency and transparency of the USRC rating system.
  • Educating and advocating for safe buildings and a better public understanding of building performance.

 The diversity of our board brings credibility and value to the USRC rating system, by ensuring that the many and various building stakeholder interests are represented and considered.

Johanna Cunningham, Founder - National Short Term Rentals

"Resilience is a concept that may be new to some but important to all. The more involved and informed I become regarding resilience the more I am convinced that lives will be saved when the USRC Rating System is used.  It is not an issue of ‘IF’ something happens, it is an issue of ‘WHEN’ it will happen – so the USRC Rating System is really invaluable".