Thanks to Over 100 Organizations for Supporting Resiliency and The Vision of the USRC

“The USRC Rating System is credible, consistent and transparent and would make a better foundation for critical decisions.”

“In my Resilience by Design Plan, I called for a seismic safety rating system that would help our city not only survive a large earthquake, but better protect our residents and their property. USRC’s system answers that call.”

“The USRC provides consistency, audit procedures and a revocable certification to those who prepare this critical piece of transactional due diligence.”

“The USRC is poised to fill one of the key missing links needed to create Disaster Resilient Communities.”

“I believe that consistent and credible ratings like the USRC’s are critical to dispel myths about building performance and support effective resilience efforts.”

“Building ratings systems such as the USRC allow us to help clients address the root causes of risk, and build operational resiliency.”

“I support the mission and goals of the USRC because I believe it is of great importance to achieve greater public understanding of the nuances of building and infrastructure resiliency”

"Resilience is a concept that may be new to some but important to all. The more involved and informed I become regarding resilience the more I am convinced that lives will be saved when the USRC Rating System is used. It is not an issue of ‘IF’ something happens, it is an issue of ‘WHEN’ it will happen – so the USRC Rating System is really invaluable".

“[The USRC] demonstrates how resiliency works and affects our communities and how our communities recover…This is a perfect example to the public as to how a good building design affects them.”

“Having [a USRC] rating signifies that it will perform well after an earthquake and Roseville city services will not be interrupted. A building could possibly have a LEED rating for energy efficiency and sustainability (day to day usage), and a USRC rating for disaster response.”

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