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Founded in 1940, Degenkolb Engineers’ practice reflects more than seven decades of commitment to expertise, client service, and life-long learning. Our award-winning structural designs saved clients hundreds of millions of dollars and are delivered taking full advantage of our expertise and experience. Our employees are passionate about working in collaborative environments helping our healthcare, higher education, advanced technology, construction, and federal clients achieve outstanding project results. We deliver customized structural solutions that meet every project need whether those needs are meeting stringent codes, meeting a bottom line, sticking to a hard construction schedule, or developing a structural system that creates a landmark.

Our Passion for Resiliency

As seismic design professionals we believe that resiliency begins with the public. Promoting an understanding about seismic safety will prompt action to improve conditions in all of our communities. Community resiliency results from diverse stakeholders taking ownership of the problem. The USRC rating system alone will not make our buildings safer. The wide-spread knowledge of how code-built structures will perform in a seismic event will.


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