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The Structural Engineers Association of San Diego (SEAOSD) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation that was formed over a period of about 12 years beginning in the mid 1950's and was formally chartered by the Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) in 1969. SEAOSD’s mission is to advance the science of structural engineering; to assist the public in obtaining dependable structural engineering services; to encourage engineering education; to maintain the honor and dignity of the profession; to enlighten the public regarding the province of the structural engineer; to advance proper legislation and to oppose improper legislation affecting structural engineering practice; to cooperate with other professional organizations; to cultivate social contacts within its membership and by closer association and a better mutual understanding to discourage unethical and detrimental practice.

Our Passion for Resiliency

SEAOSD has a strong commitment for resiliency as demonstrated through the work of various technical committees such as the Existing Buildings Committee, Sustainable Design Committee, and Seismology Committee. Along with SEAOC, the Existing Building Committee provides reviews and commentaries on guidelines, codes, and standards (such as ASCE 41, CBC/ IBC Chapter 34, and the IEBC), and works with local jurisdictions on policies regarding existing structures.


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