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Roseville City Hall Building Earns USRC Platinum Rating

Hybrid Moment Frame Building was engineered by Buehler and Buehler Structural Engineers

The Roseville City Hall Annex is first in many ways. Not only is it the first building rated by the USRC but it also received the USRC's highest Platinum Earthquake Rating. Furthermore, it is the first precast building built for the city of Roseville. The project structural engineering firm Buehler and Buehler Structural Engineers is a founding member of the USRC and Clark Pacific, the design-build supplier of the structural and architectural precast, is a USRC sustaining member.

The City of Roseville had outgrown its city hall building and because of a lease signed with Sierra College to begin classes in January 2017, city planners had only 12 months to design, program, build and prep the building for occupancy. Other building systems had been explored, including steel and cast-in-place concrete, but the Precast Hybrid Moment Frame system was decided on because it gave the architect design flexibility for this prominent building that sits in the Roseville City Square.  Also, the 4-story office building houses critical operations for the city and in the case of an earthquake city officials needed the reassurance that these mission critical services would be housed in a safe, resilient structure. The design achieved these goals by obtaining USRC 5-star ratings in Safety, Damage and Recovery.

The level of performance associated with the USRC Platinum Rating is not something that every building can achieve, but this project met that high standard because of the following features and conditions:

  • What may appear to simply be an elegant architectural facade actually doubles as an extremely regular and redundant structural system providing enhanced yet economical performance.
  • The structural system incorporates a high-performance precast hybrid moment-resisting frame that limited design level drifts to less than 1.25% and is designed to be self-centering after the design seismic event therefore eliminating residual drifts, limiting damage, and providing for reduced recovery time.
  • Roseville, and  the greater Sacramento region, has a moderately high seismic hazard (compared to the "high" or "extremely high" hazard in much of the rest of California) which provides opportunities to achieve high seismic performance with only a nominal, if any, increase in construction cost.

Link to a video for construction details and attribution of the project team: