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Stakeholders Gather to Guide USRC’s Vision

The USRC Takes Its Rating System Strategy “Public”

On September 2nd,2014, over 30 individuals representing a wide range of stakeholder and interest groups convened to learn about, discuss and give guidance on the USRC’s mission. This was the first of several planned meetings with stakeholders who have personal and professional knowledge about the contexts in which USRC ratings might be used. Among the assembled participants were city earthquake program leaders, building owners, real estate investors, trade associations, social scientists, attorneys, architects, and communications specialists.

Interim Executive Director Ron Mayes briefed the group about the USRC’s detailed plans for launching a fully operational rating system by 2015 and its proposed organizational structure. The USRC received feedback about how users might perceive the multi-dimensional (safety, damage, recovery) format of a Building Rating, and the possible impacts of making seismic performance information more available to the public. Participants articulated a need for the USRC to clarify its intended audiences, and recommended broadening the range of stakeholders involved, particular from the insurance, architecture, and real estate communities.

Many participants have agreed to stay involved as the USRC navigates critical implementation steps over the coming month. Our sincere thanks to all who contributed! If you know someone who should be invited to future stakeholder meetings, please contact the USRC at