Obtain a USRC Earthquake Rating
These Are the Steps Required to Obtain a USRC Verified or Transaction Rating.

Steps To A USRC Building Rating

Select Rating Type

The building owner determines the type of USRC Rating desired: Transaction or Verified.

Select Certified Rating Professional (https://www.usrc-portal.org )

The building owner selects and contracts with a USRC Certified Rating Professional (CRP) to complete a seismic evaluation of the building.

CRP Performs Seismic Evaluation

The CRP performs a seismic evaluation of the subject building using one of the USRC approved methodologies contained in the USRC Implementation Manual. The evaluation is an engineering product produced by the CRP, independently of the USRC, and the opinions produced by the CRP are solely his or her responsibility.

You may View or Download the USRC Implementation Manual on the link provided in the Technical Resources page

CRP Determines Preliminary Rating

The CRP translates the findings of the evaluation into a three-dimension Rating using the USRC approved translation methodologies.

Submittal of Rating and Evaluation Report to USRC

The proposed rating is submitted by the CRP to the USRC web portal along with appropriate documentation , the application fee and the request for either a Transaction or a Verified Rating.

USRC Performs Technical Review

The USRC reviews the submission for completeness and will either issue a Transaction Rating certificate or organize a technical review for the issuance of a Verified Rating certificate.

The USRC provides quality control in the form of a technical review of the submitted rating application. In general, each USRC CRP is responsible for the quality of their Rating, just as he or she is responsible for the quality of the underlying structural evaluation upon which the rating is based. The specific details of technical and elevated reviews for USRC seismic hazard evaluation methodologies are given in the Implementation Manual.

Technical reviews are performed by USRC Certified Rating Reviewers ; licensed design professionals with at least ten years of experience in the evaluation of buildings subject to earthquakes and other natural hazards.

USRC Issues Rating

Upon approval of the rating application the USRC will issue a certificate recognizing the award of either a Transaction or Verified Rating. Verified Ratings that meet minimum performance thresholds will be awarded a Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum Rating.

Start the Rating Process Now

If you are interested in engaging a USRC certified rater to obtain a USRC Rating, or if you are a Certified Rating Professional and want to apply for a building rating, go to the USRC portal (www.usrc-portal.org). If you want to learn more about the benefits of a Building Rating, please fill out the Contact Form below, and someone from the USRC will follow up shortly.