Obtain a USRC Earthquake Rating

What is a USRC Rating?

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Steps to Obtain a USRC Verified or Transaction Rating

Select Rating Type

The building owner determines the type of USRC Rating desired: Transaction or Verified. Click below to learn about each rating type.

The building owner selects and contracts with a USRC Certified Rating Professional (CRP) to complete a seismic evaluation of the building. A current list of CRPs is shown below.

CRP Performs Seismic Evaluation

The CRP performs a seismic or other hazard evaluation of the subject building.  The evaluation is an engineering product produced by the CRP, independently of the USRC.

The CRP translates the findings of the evaluation into the three USRC dimensions using the USRC approved translation methodologies.  To successfully use the USRC translation methodologies, the building evaluations must incorporate the methodology of one of the appropriate recognized national standards (FEMA P-58 or ASCE-41) as part of the building evaluation.

CRP applies for a USRC Rating

The CRP applies for a USRC Rating using this link, along with required documentation, the application fee and the request for either a Transaction or a Verified Rating.

USRC Performs Technical Review

The USRC reviews the application and will either issue a Transaction Rating certificate or organize a technical review for a Verified Rating.

Technical reviews are performed by USRC Certified Rating Reviewers; licensed design professionals with at least ten years of experience in the evaluation of buildings subject to earthquakes and other natural hazards.

The specific details of the USRC review process are described in the USRC Implementation Manual.

USRC Issues Rating

Upon approval of the rating application the USRC will issue a certificate recognizing the award of either a Transaction or Verified Rating. Verified Ratings that meet minimum performance thresholds will be awarded a Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum Rating.

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