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In 2006, the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC) formed a subcommittee to study the feasibility an Earthquake Performance Rating System (EPRS). In March 2011, the subcommittee collaborated with ATC to hold ATC 71-2, a workshop to gather feedback from building owners, investors, and policy-makers regarding the utility, scope and structure of an EPRS. This workshop resulted in the inspiration to form the USRC.

The SEAONC EPRS was published in March, 2015. The SEAONC sub-committee members that developed the EPRS include:

·         Ron Mayes – Co-Chair

·         Marguerite Bello – Co-Chair

·         Kate Stillwell – Past Co-Chair

·         Mathew Bittleston

·         Stephen Bono

·         David Bonowitz

·         Craig Goings

·         Doug Hohbach

·         David McCormick

·         Evan Reis