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Buckling Restrained Braces, also known as BRBs, are seismic braces specifically designed to resist compressive Euler buckling, in order to prevent the unbalanced forces that buckling causes in typical braced frames. The use of BRBs can decrease the frame’s structural weight and member sizes, adding to the overall sustainability of the building, while also increasing the building’s performance in a seismic event. CoreBrace is the nation’s leader in the design and manufacture of BRBs. Since our founding in 2002, hundreds of project owners have trusted the safety and resiliency of their buildings to us. We have designed and manufactured BRBs for numerous projects worldwide, including projects in Chile, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Haiti, Mexico, New Zealand, and other nations. We have designed BRBs for buildings with industrial, governmental, sporting, educational, healthcare, and commercial uses.

At CoreBrace, we are passionate about resiliency. Resiliency ensures that buildings and communities remain functional after severe seismic events. We believe that resiliency will bring both economic and societal benefits to building owners and communities. We will continue to do our part to ensure that buildings are built to be resilient, and we are enthusiastic about our continuing membership in the USRC.

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