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FTF Engineering is guided by the belief that success comes from providing our clients with creative, thoughtful structural and civil designs that address their needs over time. We listen closely, we ask smart questions, we anticipate and then develop solutions that offer flexibility of use and mitigate seismic risks, whether to life safety, property or operations. Our team offers expertise gained from working at nationally prominent engineering and construction firms, coupled with the nimbleness and open culture of a small practice. Clients and builders value our highly collaborative approach, innovative structural designs, clear drawings, and responsiveness during construction. We are proud of being known as can-do professionals. FTF works with clients throughout California from our offices in San Francisco and San Luis Obispo.

At FTF, we believe that building code safety standards are simplistic—only covering one dimension of resilience—and outdated—based on engineering safety criteria from the 1940s. These standards do not meet the expectations of a modern, technologically dependent and interconnected society. FTF informs clients on how earthquakes can impact the use of their facilities even when they meet current building codes, resulting in damaged buildings and contents, and significant disruptions to business. Our proactive approach allows our clients to actively manage the risk that earthquakes present to their business success. Examples of our advanced designs include a high-tech manufacturing facility designed to remain operational after an earthquake larger than the code requires, a transportation structure designed to stringent displacement criteria so that trains continue to operate after an earthquake, and single-family homes designed for minimal damage in a Maximum Considered Earthquake (MCE). We actively promote seismic safety and resiliency by participating locally and nationally in various committees and boards. As a Founding Member of the USRC, we are proud of being early adopters of the concept of resilience, and we look forward to the opportunity to partner with you to achieve success, and maintain it after California’s inevitable earthquake.

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Randy Collins, S.E.

Jillian van Enckevort, S.E.