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Gilsanz Murray Steficek is a structural engineering and building envelope consulting firm committed to quality design and approaching each project from a comprehensive point of view. By utilizing the diverse skill sets of GMS professionals, we are able to take an integrated approach to building design and offer consulting services for the structural, building envelope, roofing, and inspection-related aspects of any project. Among GMS’ extensive national and international portfolio are award-winning high-rise office and residential towers, theaters, housing, healthcare facilities, educational buildings, sports venues, retail stores, transportation projects, sculptures, landmarks and special structures. For more information, please visit

Our Passion for Resiliency: Based in New York City, we understand resilience – the ability to rebound, respond, recover and prepare again – at a multi-hazard level with experience in seismic, wind, flood, snow, blast and progressive collapse hazards. GMS has helped to draft codes and standards to improve the resilience of buildings and infrastructure across the country, even before New York City adopted its first seismic code provisions. The USRC rating system will help the public better understand the choices that we, as a society, make and help improve building performance in the future.

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Ramon Gilsanz
213-943-4850 or 212-254-0030
Joe Mugford
Connie Yang