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KPFF has been providing broad-based structural and civil engineering services to our clients since 1960. Our practice is built on technical excellence, creativity, dependability, successful long-term relationships, and passion. With multiple geographic locations throughout the USA, the firm is comprised of over 850 professionals collectively licensed in all 50 states. We have designed new buildings, renovated or expanded existing buildings, designed new infrastructure, and have converted existing structures to new uses. Many of these projects have had stringent budgets and compressed construction schedules. Our significant broad-based experience provides us with the ability to solve the most difficult and challenging problems.

Resiliency is of paramount importance for our firm. As structural engineers we stake our reputation on our ability to design inventive structural systems that meet or exceed life safety standards and are occupiable during times of crisis and long after. We are passionate about advancing the state of the art in structural engineering design and improving construction processes to look beyond minimal code requirements to increase the longevity of our buildings. Our greatest satisfaction comes from having a positive impact on the built environment, especially protecting those who occupy the spaces we design from dangers such as earthquakes.

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Mark Hershberg, S.E.
Andy Taylor, S.E.
Marc Press, S.E.