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Founding members, Jack Baker and Curt Haselton, have worked together for over a decade on research to support and advance the structural engineering profession. In 2014 they created the Haselton Baker Risk Group to meet the needs of cutting-edge engineering design professionals. Haselton Baker Risk Group aims at enabling engineers to quickly implement advanced design and assessment methods into practice. When equipped with the tools to comprehensively assess performance of buildings, we believe that engineers will be able to design more resilient projects and communities.

The Seismic Performance Prediction Program (SP3) is the first software tool from HB-Risk and was released in December 2014. SP3 implements the FEMA P-58 (ATC-58) analysis method, distilling years of research into a user-friendly tool enabling performance-based design methods (and advanced building-specific risk assessments) never before broadly feasible in a design office. SP3 supports both new design and advanced building-specific risk assessments. Please visit our website for more info:

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Curt Haselton, Ph.D., P.E.
Jack Baker, Ph.D.