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SSI was founded to provide our clients with customized and personalized expert services in the fields of structural and seismic-structural engineering. We are passionate about our long standing commitment to advancing the cause of seismic safety and natural disaster resilience in our cities and in the world at large. SSI’s engineers possess decades of professional experience in assessing, evaluating, analyzing, retrofitting, designing and constructing structures located in earthquake/disaster prone regions in the US and across the world. Our leadership has played a key role in developing and advancing local, national and international standards and codes which help keep people and their assets protected during and following large earthquakes. We are also world renowned for our special expertise in evaluating and implementing advanced protective technologies such as Seismic-Isolation, Energy Dissipation (damping) and the use of High-Tech materials such as Fiber-Reinforced-Polymers (FRP) to keep structures safe and even operational following major earthquakes. Our solutions are specific to the needs of our clients and their particular projects, relying on our extraordinary depth and breadth of experience, leading edge expert knowledge, creative thinking, innovative techniques and our commitment to sustainability. We never lose sight of cost-effectiveness, constructability and societal considerations as we perform our work and serve our clients. Our track record offers ample evidence of our values and of our successes which have withstood the test of time over the past several decades. Our projects have won numerous awards for innovation and ingenuity and have successfully met performance goals in large earthquakes. We are eager to engage and work with you and your team to make your project an unqualified success!

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Saif M. Hussain