Verified Earthquake Rating
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Improved Understanding of Your Building's Performance in Earthquakes and other Natural Hazards

 Issued by the USRC, a Verified Rating can be used for promotional, marketing and publicity purposes to distinguish your building. Your Verified Rating includes a technical review of each building’s evaluation by USRC Certified Engineers prior to its issuance by the USRC.

The USRC Building Rating System assigns one to five stars for three performance measures—Safety, Damage (Repair Cost) and Recovery (Time to Regain Basic Function)

The USRC rating system allows an owner to specify the desired level of performance rather than accept by default the performance of a building designed to the minimum level prescribed by the building code.

For a new building, a seismic design that results in a four or five star USRC rating may add 1 to 10 percent to construction costs, or about as much as a typical contingency budget.

  • Performed by certified professional
  • Each rating is technically reviewed
  • Transparent – use of national standards
  • Credible – designed to prevent manipulation
  • Easy for the lay person to understand
  • Suitable for public display and marketing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

         View the Process of Obtaining a Verified Earthquake Rating Here

Our goal is to have the USRC Seismic Rating Program begin in late 2015. If you are interested in engaging a USRC certified rater to obtain a USRC Rating go to the USRC portal ( If you want to learn more about the benefits of a Building Rating, please fill out the Contact Form below, and someone from the USRC will follow up shortly.


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“In Japan buildings built with state-of-the-art Earthquake engineered system can command 40% higher rents and market value.”